Mini macarons, mini canulés and sweet potatoes are newly added to the free snack service "tottette"!


We would like to thank you for your continued patronage.

The b hotels' popular free snack service "tottette" ( tottette) will be offering mini macarons & mini canulés and sweet potatoes from
January 19, 2024.


"What is tottette ( tottette)?

This free snack service is focused on ease and deliciousness that can be held in one hand.
A variety of items are offered, such as donuts, egg tarts, and silk ice cream, depending on the region and time of year.

Free refreshment service "tottette ( tottette)" For more information:


About the New Menu

Mini macarons/mini canelés

The b offers mini macarons, a popular meringue-based sweet, and mini canelés with a moist and sticky texture that go great with the b's signature complimentary espresso.

Types of mini macarons: mango, yuzu, vanilla, raspberry, coffee, pistachio, white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate

Allergen information for mini macarons: egg, dairy, wheat, soy, almond

Allergen information for mini canulés: wheat, dairy ingredients, eggs, and alcohol.

*All images are for reference only.
*Two per guest (one mini macaroon and one mini canele).
*The offer will end when the stock of products on the day of the event runs out.
Rum is used as an ingredient in the mini canelés. Please be careful for children, those who are sensitive to alcohol, pregnant or nursing mothers, and those who drive a car.


■Sweet Potato

This sweet potato makes the most of the natural flavor of Japanese sweet potato ingredients. Carefully baked, they are perfect for an after-dinner dessert or snack as well as a snack.

Allergen information for sweet potatoes: egg, dairy ingredients, soybeans

*Image is for reference only.
*This event will end when the product stock runs out on the day of the event.

New product offerings begin on January 19, 2024.

Mini macarons & mini canelés and sweet potatoes will be offered at the following three hotels.

・the b Ochanomizu
・the b Ikebukuro
・the b Hakata


Other hotels will follow soon.
We hope you will enjoy the new "tottette" ( tottette) with a complimentary espresso when you visit the b hotels.

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