Our Mission

It is our mission to help our guests
to see the world.
For Everyone Seeking A Rich And Exciting Journey

Ishin Hotels Group, which operates the b hotels in 5 cities and 10 areas in Tokyo, Japan, offers a cozy space with a balance of comfort and functionality for all those who seek a rich and exciting "journey".
We provide a comfortable and functional space with a balance of comfort and functionality for all those who seek a rich and exciting "journey".


est location

Located near the JR and subway stations for excellent transportation access

“the b hotels” are located near the station to make good use of guest’s precious time, with good access and good location for business and sightseeing.

with duvet

Highest quality beds & duvet-style bed making

“the b hotels” introduce high-quality beds and duvet-style bed-making in all guest rooms.
Enjoy a comfortable room with a simple modern design to ensure you spend a relaxing time.

-tasty and healthy

A fulfilling breakfast to start the day with a cheer

Whether you have a busy morning or a relaxing start to your day, enjoy a fulfilling, delicious and healthy hotel breakfast.


Rain showers and body showers

For guests who want to heal body fatigue or want to end their journey with a shower as soon as they reach their destination, “the b hotels” offers both rain showers and body showers. The feeling of cleanliness is felt even more than by using curtains in a bathtub, so you can have comfortable shower in a large space.


Simple, modern guest rooms that offer a “balance” of comfort and functionality

The interior of “the b hotels” unifies simple modern design with a stylish healing space. Guest rooms emphasize the balance of comfort and functionality, providing comfortable beds inviting you to a relaxing sleep, multifunctional showers, and soothing amenities to help relieve the tiredness of traveling, so that you can relax in peace.